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The group gathered in the smoky barn and here we discussed ideas, projects and proposals

Nuto Revelli

The first film library of films on the themes of war and the Resistance in the mountains.

The Baita Barberis houses the first film library on the themes of war and the Resistance in the mountains, created on the initiative of the Fondazione Nuto Revelli in collaboration with AIACE and ANCR (Archivio Nazionale Cinematografico della Resistenza) and part of the AVI circuit.

The idea came from the principle that the place where one learns about history, if it is a place of memory, which is also a witness, strongly influences the process of transmission of memory itself. On Amerigo, the streaming cinema platform of the Nuovi Mondi Festival, it is possible to consult the catalogue of the archive, with the descriptions and trailers of the films and documentaries that can be seen thanks to the video projection system of the film library.

The Baita houses the Paraloup branch of the Fondazione Nuto Revelli library in Cuneo, with a selection of books on the themes of mountain architecture, sustainability, the Resistance, and the memory of mountain women and partisans.

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Borgata Paraloup is also part of the NATworking network, the first network of spaces dedicated to working and studying in natural environments, to stimulate creativity and regain concentration, far from the chaos and pollution of the cities, and offers the Baita Barberis as a coworking space.

Conference Room and Team Building

The Baita Barberis is also a multifunctional space that can be used as a conference room (60 seats) for events, conferences or corporate team building.

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