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Sometimes the sound of a voice is enough for a wall to collapse.

Nuto Revelli

The Museum of Tales – the seasons of Paraloup

It offers a temporary exhibition room and the permanent exhibition “The Seasons of Paraloup”, an interactive multimedia installation, curated by the Milanese studio NEO – Narrative Environment Operas and Andrea Fenoglio.

On entering, visitors can learn about the four periods that have most significantly characterised the history of Paraloup through a touch screen: the end of the 19th century, with the Alpine migrations, the period of the fight for liberation from Nazi-fascism, the period of depopulation of the Alps and the return to mountain life today.

After listening to the introduction of the chosen season, several questions appear on the screen that the visitor can ask the witnesses who were the protagonists of those “seasons”: at that point the voices of the protagonists, often interviewed by Nuto Revelli himself, will answer.

The Museum is free to enter when the Borgata is open. Upon booking, it is possible to take a guided tour of the Museum and the Borgata, with a donation that will go to support the Nuto Revelli Foundation.

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And we also want people to know about women partisans. We are sisters, brides, mothers, women like all women in the world. We are not the sutlers of a merry army of marauders and adventurers, but we share with them all the hardships.

Partisan women in a clandestine newspaper, 1945.

The hut Anello Forte: laboratory-archive for the memory of women.

The “Anello forte: laboratory-archive for the memory of women” hut is a space dedicated to the memory of resistant women (Anello Forte means strong ring), with videos and books available to visitors to tell the stories of the women who live or have lived in our valleys. It is a small, but significant garrison of female memory in the mountains of the Resistance, where we would like every woman who lives or has lived in the mountains to feel free to deposit a copy of images, letters, diaries. The aim is to preserve these memories, fragments of cultures near and far, and to revive them with studies, exhibitions, publications and initiatives in the area.

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